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How I got my Google AdSense Approval in 3 days

Vipin Kumar 16

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising network for monetization of website or blog. Every blogger has a dream to get Adsense approval. But getting Google adsense approval is not an easy task (I don’t think so) as Adsense has presented some strict principles and requirements. It appears to be difficult to get Adsense account approval for our own particular blog. In any case, we know unimaginable is nothing.

You will be glad to know that I got my adsense approval with a 10 days old domain and within 3 days. If you want to know that how you can do so then read this article and follow the steps.

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Let us talk about how I got my Adsense account approved, step by step –

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1. Buy a custom domain

It is very important for your blog or website to have a custom domain and it must be a top level domain like not You can have domain like .com, .in, .org, .edu etc. As having a custom domain shows your professionalism to your website or blog. It increases your chance of getting Google Adsense approval easily.

2. Hosting of your Blog

A large number of new bloggers utilize free Web hosting company, and that is one reason they confront rejection. Its not because that Google does not like free Web hosting companiess, but rather more often than not , your Website goes down, and AdSense rejects you. If you have paid hosting then it will definitely increase your chances of getting Google Adsense approval.

3. Design of your Blog or Website

This is another really imprtant thing for your adsense approval. So, you must use a simple and lightweight theme. Most of the bloggers want their site to look like a fancy but that is not really important. I tried too many themes from wordpress in my first 3-4 days. And finally got one, which is called Startup Blog. You can use North theme as well which is another simple and cool theme.

4. Pages of your Blog

For getting adsense approval your website or blog must contain the five pages which are Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. You can use two more but effective pages like I use on my blog that are Credits and Contribute page.

5. Content on your Blog

Now, you must have heard that ‘Content is King’ and it really is. The content on your blog or website must be of high quality. But what if you hate writing articles on your blog. You wouldn’t believe that I got my adsense approval with 7-8 articles on my blog and I haven’t wrote any one of them. your are now may be thinking that how it is possible? It is possible my friend.

6. Be Professional for Getting Adsense Approval

AdSense depends on publisher and advertisers, and consider them an organization who jump at the chance to get more publisher. At the same time, AdSense is extremely strict about nature of publishers, and that is the reason they are number one Advertisement stage for bloggers. You can use Google webmaster and analytics to advance your website content.

7. Traffic on your Blog

There is not anything like least traffic requirement, but rather a smart thought is to have little activity before you apply for AdSense. Indeed, even 50 hits/day is a decent number to begin with.

8. Images on your Blog or Website

Google Adsense doesn’t approve your blog if it contain any copyright image or content. So, it is highly recommended that do not use any copyright images and content on your blog. You can use images from Pixabay and this is the site that I use for images. You can also use Canva for free to create images for your blog and they are completely copyright free.

9. Age of your Domain

According to Adsense your blog must be 6 month old but that is not true. I got mine approved with a 10 days old domain. So this is not true, but they search for quality blogs and if you have that then there is no restrictions for you. Try to keep a quality on your blog.

Quick Tips For Getting Adsense Approval

  • Make your complete About page and use your real information like name, education etc. If possible use your image and it must be real. This shows Google that you are the real one who sent us the application.
  • Your blog should not contain any broken links. You must check every link of your blog or website.
  • Do not use copyright content and images, if you do so then it is impossible to get Google adsense approval.
  • Use you social media links on your website or blog. This shows your professionalism to blogging.
  • Fill your complete wordpress profile with every social media link that you use. The information must be real and authentic.
  • Use your same information as you use while buying the domain and hosting for your blog.
  • Use a fresh email address and it must have domain name like [email protected] and you can create a professional E mail address from Zoho Mail for free.

So, this all I can tell you about adsense approval and this is how I got my adsense approval for my blog. I am 100% sure that if you follow all the above rules then you can get your adsense account approved within a week. My experience with Google Adsense is awesome and hope you will also get your adsense account approved easily.

NOTE : If you want to get faster AdSense Approval. Then check out my eBook and try the tips and tricks.

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    • My blog I got approved in the first part, but I’m already two weeks waiting on that page that says that they are finishing the settings in my blog and this process takes from one to three donations. However as I said earlier I am 2 weeks waiting and nothing.
      My Blogspot is free

      • Don’t worry, it may take some time. Even I got one of my AdSense account in 3 weeks.

        • thanks Vipin,

          I have some issue, My website has over 100-150 users per day and still getting replay from Adsense that you are not qualified.

          My website is tech related, so I think this is why.

          Can you suggest me what to do now?

  1. Hello Vipin,

    I a question on adsense approval. Telling you truth, i have applied for adsense for atleast 5 to 6 times and all the time it was rejected. As you told that use a custom domain and i have a domain. Will it affect the adsense approval? And what are the other ways which i can try to get approval for adsense?

    • I found your site really cool but there are a lot of factors that can affect your google adsense approval like navigation, hosting, copied images, content, your site age etc. What is the reason adsense telling you?

  2. Nice Article sir.. keep sharing such wonderful article..
    Helpful for me..
    Also visit to my blog..

  3. Vishal Kumar Vishal Kumar

    Thanks for the trick it helped me a lot getting my adsense approval approval. And your ebook is awesome, I suggest everyone and you will never regret it.

    • Thanks Vishal, I love to hear that someone is getting results from my tricks. Keep Visiting

  4. Rich resources and very useful for beginners. I will love to have a guest post from this type of guru.

  5. I am really impress with your blog so 3 words for your website, unique information, good selection of topic and quality.

  6. Adi Adi

    Trully agree abt image even thought got from google should give sources..glad to hear this good news you had quick approval from adsense.

  7. This is one of the most relevant articles that i have come across as a new blogger. Thank You.

  8. Hi very nice article keep it up the good work Wonderful!! Thank you for posting informative blog. Your posts are more interesting and informative

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