5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

Have you ever wished to build your own gaming PC? Building your own gaming PC is a better option as compared to go for buying a Pre-built gaming PC. So, if you are confused about whether you should build your own gaming PC or not, then I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should build your own gaming PC.

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1. Price of the Gaming PC

Everyone has a limitation of money. Like what you want to spend on your PC build. But if you go for the Pre-built PC then the prices are too high, and let me tell you why? I choose a Gaming PC from amazon and I separated all the components used in it and then I sum the price of these components and the price came out low as compare to the full gaming PC that was amazon selling. That is why I prefer building your own gaming PC. So you can choose better parts in the same amount and you can get a variety of products to choose from.

2. What Do You want?

It depends like you will be basically thinking about Resolution and Frame Rate. After that, you will think of any budget or vice-versa. Here are some of the options,

  • Low or Medium Settings

  • 1280*720 (HD)
  • 30-60 FPS

You can choose components according to these requirements.

  • Medium or Ultra Settings

  • 1920*1080 (FULL HD)
  • 60 FPS

If you want to play games on full HD, then select your components according to this.

  • ULTRA Settings (4K)

  • 3840*2160 (Ultra HD or 4K)
  • 30-60 FPS

If you are rich enough then you can go for this. But even if in this build you need constant 60 FPS then you will have to increase your budget a little bit. Until now you need at least two Titans or 980 Ti for 4K (Ultra settings) at constant 60 FPS.

3. What you will want in the Future?

It depends on what you want in the future. Like if you don’t have enough money right now but you can build a PC in such a way so that you upgrade it whenever you have money in the future. You can build your PC right now with an upgrade option.

For example, if you choose a motherboard and it has 2 X PCI express slots then you can upgrade it with another graphics card for better performance in gaming. Literally, you can increase RAM, Graphics card, memories, etc.

4. PC Building is a Hobby

You can take PC building as a hobby. You can join communities, take part in discussions about PC building. If you have an interest in PCs, PC components, computers, etc then you can build your own gaming PC.

5. No Experience Needed

If you didn’t ever build a PC then you might be too nervous. Like, you bought all the components and what to do with these components now. You will also think that what if something went wrong. Believe me, anyone can build a PC if you know which thing goes to which slot and it is nothing, my friend.

You can literally build a PC by matching the components with its slots given in the motherboard.

Still Skeptical?

If you are still skeptical then you can pick one of your friends who know something about RAM, Graphic card or computers. Or you can basically you can go to any PC shop and ask them to build your PC and they will charge a nominal fee for it.

If you are thinking of Gaming Laptops then they are also pre-built PCs, they just provide mobility. Gaming laptops are heavy, produces a lot of heat, not comfortable too and also their cost is too high.

So, these are the 5 reasons why you should build your own gaming PC rather than buying it pre-built. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments below, I will try to answer them.

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